Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Social Media Carnage

How do we keep all the social media from devouring us - and all our time?
Daunting, Difficult, and…and....  Dastardly !

Especially as writers we Try to find time to keep on writing.   [Or like Some of us - work on getting back to it.]
We are told we Have to establish a social ‘identity’ and …. Blah, blah, on and on.   Most of us are familiar with the rest of that refrain.   [if not, comment below, and I'll fill it in for you]

What is never quite clear is how we are supposed to integrate it / shove it / shoe-horn it into our probably already over-crowded time-pressed lives.
Not whining.  Really.  I’m well aware I am Very blessed, and don’t have it as difficult as some.  But that also does not mean my life is dripping roses skipping down a bucolic lane to a mansion.  Totally efficient and spotlessly clean of course.   With clean, and folded, laundry.    [Hey, I can still dream.  Course I might add a cook to that dream also....]
Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect.   Or maybe, like, Ever turn out way we expect.   So we get creative and write our happy endings.  Right?   
Okay, so we don’t have our happy endings. Yet.  We can still hope and dream.  And see what we can work on in the meantime.
Which means working out the Social Media kinks in our time lines / lives.
I came across this, that might help a little.  

Has some interesting tips that you might find useful.

Even as Writing Helps they can be useful -

# 1    Don’t expect to be Perfect.        Enough said.   Even as Writing Advice.   Keep Working toward it, but don't expect it.  Especially on your first draft.    ...maybe even your second one.

And some of the others are worth mentioning --- and applying to a Writing Life as good Writing Advice.

Take care of yourself.    

Know your audience.

Prioritize what Really matters.    Or my add to it - what really matters to You.

Realize you can’t do everything at once.   
Like Writing and Social Media and Everything else.
Yeah, you’ve heard / seen about all the studies about multi-tasking, right?   Myth.   We - None of us are very good at multi-tasking.  No matter What we think.   And according to what I saw recently those that believe they Are really Good, are the worst.
But since I'm not going to convince you with that on this post, on to next advice point ....

And most of all, take #19 to heart.      Connect With Like Minds

James River Writers in Richmond, Virginia gives a great opportunity with its programs for writers in the area.   From the Writing Show - Tomorrow Night, Thursday, January 31st - and each month through August on the last Thursday of the month.   To Writers Wednesday the 2nd Wednesday of Each and Every month, where everyone casually mingles and shares ideas and commiserations on such things as this.   And the Conference in October.     Not to mention several things along the way, so keep check on the JRW website for more ways to Connect with Like Minds!

There are other interesting links and info’ on the post so feel free to go check it out….. It Would be nice if you came back here and shared what caught your eye.  That I might need to take a second, or third, look at.

And since I still have ‘reality’ of laundry to take care of and the rest of it, I have to go and attack it right now.  Before it attacks me.
And if I am not at the Writing Show tomorrow night send a search party.    Bring chocolate.

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