Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Short Story is Out There! Out Here

Well, not here, here.

But the short stories that ‘new’ James River Writers Executive Director Katharine Herndon @kaherndon 
 and I worked on and talked about are here -

Well, out.    There.     Not "Out There' as 'out there, man' ...

Oh, just keep reading.

To find and order the book —  ;)

Here it is at Barnes and Noble -

E-book - Kindle edition - Amazon -

It is getting pretty good reviews.
The book and all. 
Up on Amazon and various places.

Like here.

And here.

Yes, so now you can hear us go on about it being out now.

Well, as we distractedly ponder our new writing projects in our heads.

So now go and read ‘em and weep.
Well, not weep.  Not those kind of stories.  I think.
Oh, just buy and read.

And  :::foot shuffle:::  if you feel so moved you can come back here and tell me about it.
Or put a good review out There [or Here] for us.

Now I’m off to listen to the new characters and book that’s yammering in my head.   Yes, my head is a very crowded place.   Why do you ask?

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