Wednesday, October 15, 2008

James River Writers Conference 2008

If you missed this year's James River Writers Conference you missed a good one.
Although they all are good ones I think. ;) This was the 6th year for the Conference, and I have been fortunate enough to attend all of them. And even more fortunate enough to be able to be a real part of the last two of them.
Each Conference is different in its scope and direction, probably due a lot to having different chairs/co-chairs each year that put their touches of personalities as well as reading and writing styles as a part of it. So each Conference offers different insights and advice to the attendee writers.
We all hope it is Good and Useful advice. As well as the opportunity to mingle with people that at least somewhat understand what it's like to struggle in this writing-wonderland. As my writing group member, Katharine with an 'a' of the blog 'Eat Cookies Be Quiet' listed at side, likes to put it - it's like visiting a planet where you actually fit in and aren't the alien. I'm sure she would put it a bit differently since even though we all are writers, we bring our own uniqueness to our stories, as well as our lives.
So if you're a writer, especially a serious one, or wanting to get serious about it, come visit our Conference-planet next year. We mostly all speak the same language ;-D. Or at least the vowels are the same. ;-D

Gotta run. More on the Conference later.

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