Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Magic anyone?

Thinking about magic. And weddings. And Love of course. The shining faces of people gloriously in love.

Who doesn’t sit at a wedding and look at that young couple, so happy and so in love, and wish for that feeling again. At least sometimes. Come on, don’t you?

But did make me think about love as being magic in a way. It sure has the power to transform.

And isn’t that what magic is, or does?

Made me realize we all have magic. Or the potential of magic. Since we all have the potential to love. And be loved.

Does the power of love transcend everything else?

Even throughout the whole story of wizard Harry, he said over and over he would have given it all up to have his parents and their love back.

We all have the potential to love. And be loved.

Maybe that’s the real magic.

And maybe that’s all the magic we need.

Or what we can actually touch?

What do you think?

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