Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer's waning

The cool weather has crept in making us think of fall, hasn’t it? I know some out there, those worshipers of all things tan and sun, are bemoaning this. But there are plenty, especially around Richmond, Va., that are ready to bid farewell to the hot steamy mugginess that passes for summer in central Virginia. Are the ones that really enjoy the summer around here the ones that can escape all the time to the beach and/or lakes? That would say they don’t really enjoy summer around here either now doesn’t it.

I like the fall, where summer’s heat and mugginess ceases to drag at the senses until all of them have just melted into the pavement.

Fall is a pick-me-up time, where it’s such a relief to have the draggy days of summer gone and the crisp cool begins to rejuvenate all the tiredness away.

If you notice you can also tell the beginning of late summer by the sounds. The crickets and critters have a quieter voice than they do in the spring and beginning of summer where they are stridently clamoring for recognition and, well, all the rest of it.

By summer’s end even their noises have taken on a tired quality to it. The evenings become softer, both by sound and by feel.

You can actually begin to breathe again.

At least until the cold winds of winter’s bite begins. But while we are still somewhat in summer’s grip that’s easy enough to ignore for now.

So who are you – a summer fan all tan and sweaty? ;)

Or are you an autumn fan glowing with the mix of sun and cool?

I’ve already indicated mine. ;)

What about yours?

To summer’s ending, autumn’s beginning, glow. May it light all of us and shine the light on all of our hopes and dreams. And our attaining them.

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