Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's Laundry Got to do with Writing?

What’s Laundry Got to do with Writing

Or even blog postings.

Maybe not much you’d think. But that isn’t true if you like clean/clean-ish clothes and you find yourself standing by the washer in a puddle of water.

And then like the conscientious spender of money consumer you try to be, you go off to the internet to research …and get sucked up and spit out in a dozen different directions and ways to Sunday – as my dear southern mama used to say. Or variations of it.

Talk about headache inducing.

This one LUVS this machine, that one Hates it and thinks it’s a piece of crap.

Okay so You tell me. What’s a sane wise spender of money to do?

I need a washer.

At some point clean clothes become a necessity right? At least to all the people you have to be around at some point I would think?

We had to replace the dryer a few years back already so it’s okay. I guess. Now it’s easy to start to get paranoid about appliances, you know. Wasn’t there some old saying about that? Although how old a saying could that be come to think of it.

Okay, well this obviously isn’t getting a washer bought/replaced or even researched. And all the research is Seriously impacting my writing time with my obnoxious characters. [they’re teenagers – what can I say -- as Laurie Halse Anderson puts in her book ‘Catalyst’ --- main character running late trying to get around school security guard following the rules – the main char. /teenager has pulled out her license trying to use that instead of school id. Security guard looks at it – “She studies it and crosses her arms over her bosom. “There is nothing on that license that says you are a student here. You could be disgruntled. You could be hostile.” “Do I look hostile?” “You are a teenager.”

So please help with my washer research. I don’t want my teenagers getting more….teenager, while they are waiting.

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