Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Contest for Viola Book

If you've read my review and want to win an ARC
[ Advanced Reader's Copy for those that wonder what that means, it means a soft cover copy of the book, that publishers send out to generate interest before the 'real' book comes out. It's a preview book, so sometimes there are errors and things. But I didn't see any in 'Viola' ]

go here and follow the instructions -


Sorry I can't offer my ARC copy up, I am a writer trying to figure out how to write the best I can and get published, and I've already taken pen, pencil, and post-it-note to it to mark all the things I like about it and Adriana's writing.
I was serious about all the colorful post-notes making it so colorful. Inside and out.
You can't ask for my 'Shiver' ARC for same reason.
[Thank God for the ARC, since I did buy a 'Shiver' book at Maggie's book launch too, and the 'real' 'Shiver' book is Way too pretty to mark up! And my husband is currently reading it. ]

So check out all the contests going on at different blogs. This one happens to be for 'Viola.'

'Viola' and 'Shiver' are both worth trying for - and if you have the money - certainly worth buying. Different books, yes. But both well written and well worth reading.

So Good Luck!

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