Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you have magic?

Do you have magic?

Do you have magic in your life? Somewhere? Anywhere in your life?

Sure seems like there’s a proliferation of books that are about magical or fantastical things. So that would mean there’s a lot of people thinking about it. In some form or way.

Whoever would have thought wizards, vampires, and werewolves would be mainstream and you would have such talked about love stories forged about them. Well, from the vampire and werewolf stories anyway. We didn’t exactly get to see much of the wizard love story did we? Whether talking about Gandalf, which actually I wasn’t thinking of him but of a much younger wizard a lot of people grew up with called Harry.

But the Very popular themes that seem to be abounding now seem to be saying we are missing something in our everyday lives. That we long to escape those everyday lives, to find something somewhere. To find and fill what we feel we are missing in them. A magic something perhaps?

As a prolific reader I can recognize those themes, as a writer, as yet unpublished, I realize recognizing is not necessarily being able to write them. And while I don’t really see myself writing along the fantastical elements contained in such books as Maggie Stiefvater’s ‘Lament,’ ‘Shiver,’ and her coming book ‘Ballad,’ I do feel a magic of words sometimes. Where the words just seem to flow right across the page. And the Right words. The Perfect Words. But there are also the times where it’s just day-to-day slogging thro’ the pages stuff, where it’s merely a longing for and a memory of the magic while being down somewhere in the trenches looking up and wishing. And wishing is okay I think, as long as you back it up with action and work to show the universe that you are doing more than just sitting back wishing or ‘wanting’ with a little ‘w’ as Maggie talks about in one of her posts. Doesn’t wishing show us where we really want to be? Just as magic shows us who and what we can be. In our dreams for now, and for real later when we’ve made our dreams come true. Which is really what magic is all about anyway, right?

So what magic do you have in your life right now?

What are you wishing for?

And more importantly what are you working for and toward?

That really creates the magic in our lives. Doesn’t it?

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