Sunday, August 16, 2009

Does Anyone Else

Have music and lyrics popping up in your head? As a writer I mean, not a musician. And not like songs you’ve heard on the radio or anything.

I’m not a musician. Don’t even play the ‘radio’ all that much, so I don’t really listen to music much. I have been thinking maybe I should change that since Maggie Stiefvater uses music to help her write. And seeing her success maybe there’s something to be said for that right? I was wondering if maybe it would help my writing. If nothing else maybe help my characters stop running amok and doing their own thing. Sort of a musical chairs writing game or something. Maybe. Okay, so yeah, I’m getting a bit desperate to get these characters on their own and out of the house already so I can make room for all the others that have intentions on moving in. There’s only so much space in one’s brain to hold characters after all, and some are getting downright snitty at having to wait.

So thinking about writing to music isn’t exactly a new thing I’ve thought of, I’ve just not spent the time finding music I didn’t get annoyed with after awhile. Sometimes a really short while.

And it isn’t the first time I’ve had a tune and lyrics show up in my head and demand to be written down.

But it is rather annoying being treated by songs the same way as by characters.

I mean, why me? I could sort of understand the lyrics part since I have always jotted down poems and such, but the music part? I’ve not exactly ever been all that musical. So I’m not sure why they are showing up in my head more and more. Is it leakage from someone else’s brain? Like music/song waves in the atmosphere or something, and I just happen to be picking them up?

Darn if I know.

But hey. I can hear the music in my head, although that’s not going to help you very much, even if you do want it. But if you happen to be missing lyrics I might be able to help you. Call me.

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