Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keeping A Dream Alive

Dreams may not be able to keep a body alive but without the dream it doesn't really live [sgchris©2011/6]

What are our dreams worth?
In terms we can use to measure
laying out the width and length of it
They perhaps come up short

But to the reason they give us
to get up each day and breathe
They are worth the littlest time we can take
to keep them shining like gold
For they are worth more to that daily breath
than we can ever hold

Keep breathing your dream alive
For that keeps your soul alive

Does your dream live?
Where does it live?



arspoetica said...

I did not know you wrote poetry. Then again, I don't think I ever got to hear an answer last night when I asked what you had been up to lately, writing-wise....

Anyway, glad I found your blogging hideaway here.


sgchris said...

Joanna, So Sorry I just saw your comment!
Compared to you I don't think I do write poetry. ;}
These are just writing 'exercises' I use to get quick graphic thoughts down, as succinct and vivid as possible.
The only time I've had for writing lately, other than quick 'snippets' [which is what I call it ;} ] like this, was the break I took to do the flash fiction challenge I put on my blog recently. ;}
I'm behind on my plans to get my YA finished and the MG finished, and....

Glad you found me as well. ;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!