Thursday, June 30, 2011

Read this summer, Put These Dates on Calendar

Another reason to sit down and read this summer. Other than fact too hot to do anything else, right?

Sure is in Virginia all I'm saying.

Three Critics Pick The Best Books For Summer

The NPR people critics picks.

And don't forget to put these dates on your Calendar for October!

Since this is one of the books they pick.

Silver Sparrow

By Tayari Jones, hardcover, 352 pages, Algonquin, list price: $19.95

The first line of this book reveals the secret that informs the lives of this family's story: "My father James Witherspoon is a bigamist." Two families live with this reality, but only one knows the truth. The daughters become friends. They are half sisters, but only one of them knows it. One girl moves through life guarding this secret, the other lives in blissful ignorance. While Jones' book is fiction, it has roots in her biography. Gonzalez says this is a fascinating story that examines the psychological effect a father's deception has on his wives and children.

And Tayari Jones is going to be at the James River Writers Conference in October!

[Along with Kitty Kelly! And a Lot of other great writer people.]

Just saying.

Do you Really want to miss it?

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