Friday, July 8, 2011

Work, and Heat, and Dragons, Oh My!

Okay so the Heat around here in Virginia has nothing to do with Dragons.
I think.
Virginia Is sizzling with Dragon talk this summer tho'.

And yes, I shouldn’t be getting distracted from my work on conference things, but, I say, it Really helps sometimes to take a step back and look at why we all are working so hard here.
[I said a step back, we haven’t run away. Yet.]

And here is a Really good reason!
Yay! :::Claps hands:::: [hey, it’s better they are clapping each other than my head like they’ve been doing lately]

Yes, it is a bit hot out there, here in Virginia certainly, but if you don’t at least read this you are going to regret it come fall when you need the heat. And the info’ ….

And if you haven’t been reading the James River Writers Conference blog — WHY HAVEN’T YOU???

We do forgive you. If you start now. I’ve made it easy for you, just click on one of the word links above. Or Here.

And if it so happens you don’t want to miss the fabulous writers that are being talked about on the blog so far, go here to sign up. Before it fills up and sells out.
It’s going to be a GREAT Conference I’m tellin’ you! We’re certainly working really hard to bring you GREAT!!!

Now, I must get back to work, and you must go check out the JRW Conference blog.
And Keep checking it out!!!

I would ask you to come back here and tell me which of the featured authors are your favorite so far but that would be too much like picking favorites of your children wouldn’t it? …. Pssstt, you can tell me later. ;)
After all, JRW’s Writers Wednesday is coming up next week.
Last one before the change of venue.
So you might seriously want to check it out.
I can hear your favorites then. And why they are your faves of course.
Hey, I said we were working hard didn’t I. ;)

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