Saturday, July 30, 2011

Query Letter Tips

For those that don’t follow the Query Shark blog, or on Twitter, this is a tip you might have missed.

And since I was having this conversation a few weeks ago with a couple of writer friends, I thought all you friends out there might want to see it as well.

I mean we are All pretty busy and I know I appreciate it when you all tell and send me things.

The Query Shark says:

you don't need to tell me it's a simultaneous submission. I assume you're querying widely. Unless an agent specifically requests to know that you can leave it out. And you don't want to spend words on something you don't need to say. Use as many words to entice me to read this instead of covering housekeeping matters.

So what have you come across or heard that I should know?

Come on now, I share with you!

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