Friday, July 29, 2011

Pitching Practice ... Deadline’s Looming

Deadline’s Looming, people!

For all you pantsers out there. Not panthers. Pant-sers. Yes, I’m sure you know who you are.

Sit on your pants ’til a deadline looms over you then set your pants on fire to get everything done in time.

I’m saving your pants. And possibly your bum [as the British call our backsides].

Deadline is approaching - Like in pants on fire time - for JRW members to get first placement preferences for the Conference.

Conference will be here before you know it but it’s not pants-on-fire time yet. Yet. Maybe. Depending on what your plans are. {keep reading} But you know how those lolly-gag times creep up on you. [No not up your…. Never mind.]

Quickly moving on to Why you should be signing up for the Conference Now and not lolly-gagging around.

Just check this out -

Another Pitchapalooza Winner Lands a Book Deal!

Congratulations to our Pitchapalooza winner from Kansas City, Genn Albin who just got a mega six-figure, 3-book deal for her young adult fantasy novel, Crewel. Check out Genn’s guest blog about her wild ride. She's going to check in with us regularly to let us know about her progress from Pitchapalooza champion to bestseller.

Uh-huh. Yeah. Isn’t that what we are all talking about wanting!

Well, guess who has these Book Doctors in the house!!!

If you didn’t say James River Writers Conference in October no lollipop for you!

Well, we don’t have lollipops anyway, But we will have the Pitchapalooza Book Doctors in October!

In Library of Virginia’s house, where the JRW Conference is to be held.

But the deadline is Looming for their signups! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And tried to save your pants.

After you sign up for the Conference and get your Pitch spot secured, and thus saving your pants, you can go over and sign up for their email newsletter - yes, where do you think this info’ is coming from. Oh, I guess I should be playing it more mysterious and secretive. Well, good thing I don’t try to write too many mysteries, and just enjoy reading them.

There’s even a video sneak peak of what to do for Pitchapalooza so you can start practicing and all!

You can see the video And sign up for the email newsletter here.

Same place!

How cool is that!

And see how nice I am to you - I’m trying to save your shirt as well as your pants. *Grin*

Don't forget to read the comments - where they say even those that Didn't sign up in time for the Pitchapooza schedule learned a Lot.

--- oh dear, is that sizzling I hear somewhere? Are you starting to feel hot? Better move now. *grin*

[If you need any more links to the James River Writers Conference than what’s been given here. Just check previous blog entry. One of them has Lots. and lots. ;) ]

See ya over on the Cool side of things. ;)

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