Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pitching and Wooing

Pitching and wooing. What dating used to be called in the ‘old’ days. Or so I’m told. Hey, I’m not That old!

I wonder if pitching and wooing were a part of courting? Yes, that is another old term for dating. And again, I am Not That old either. Really.

I assume ‘dating’ is still an appropriate term nowadays. Things are quite a bit different than when I was growing up. Some might be due to the time period I will admit, but I think mostly due to circumstances. After all, look at all the changes in everyone’s lives that social media has brought on.

But some things do stay the same. Whatever you would call it, pitching and wooing, (although I’m not sure if that was part of courting or not), courting, dating, the sentiments are generally the same. And apply to all close relationships, in some way. Like the close relationship most writers want to have with their agents. You can start on your way to pitching and wooing an agent at the upcoming James River Writers Conference in October.

Well, we help you with the pitching part, the wooing part is up to you.

For those of you needing extra help on the pitching part - and who doesn’t need refresher thoughts and ideas - check out the James River Writers blog for a bunch of great pitching tips or reminders of how to do it.

Especially if it’s been a long time between dates. Uh, with pitching an agent, I mean we enjoy your company and all but not sure we want to get in that business. But you never know I suppose, so you might want to keep an eye on the website and the blog. Just in case.


But we do like hearing about your successes and accomplishments so do come to the James River Writing Show next Thursday and tell us about them.

And put the casual meet Writers Wednesday on your calendar to come tell us All about it.

We might even want to hear about your pitch and woo stories.

You never know. ;)

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