Monday, October 10, 2011

After - Conference Musings

Isn’t everyone’s mind in a jumble? Crammed Full of great things learned at the Conference. Trying to sort everything out and get it in useful order. Or maybe that’s just me. ;}

Okay - so my Best after-Conference advice — Keep the Momentum Going!

That’s a hard thing to do as ‘real’ life swells back in to wash over the hours exclusively spent hanging out with writers of all kinds.

A Really good way to do this and keep the energy going — come hang out with us at Writers Wednesday!

THIS Wednesday! ... day after tomorrow.... October 12th.... got it? ;)

Check the James River Writers website for location.

So now I’ve helped you with a suggestion to keep the momentum and energy going.

I’m helping myself with something that came out of the creative environment of the weekend.

Hey, indulge me, it’s my birthday.

Also humor me, and cut me some slack…. Okay, a Lot of slack… cause it Really is my birthday.

And this as brave as I’m likely to be for awhile with this part of my writing life.

But those of you that missed the Poetry Workshop at the Thursday Conference day missed a Great session.

Disclaimer here — any failings in anything I write here have no reflection on the fabulous Hermine Pinson and her great workshop. My brain was just fried out and filled with lots of things to do and all and …well, a Lot of Other things… enough said.

I write ….something…. not sure I even really consider it poetry, but whatever it is it has become my tool to get back to my creative side. Especially to my writing side. It opens the door to begin to walk in to the writing part of me. The fantastic Adriana Trigiani told me she also does that. So I’m not totally out in left field here. Well, at least I’m not out there all alone. ;) And that’s what all this is about. Not being alone as a writer.

Anyway, so I have promised to be more active on here. Okay, so I really promised to post some of the great information that came to me at the Conference, but I really don’t have time to do that right now - you did read above reason, right? ;)

Hopefully you will indulge me here for this one post, and add your own little poem, or what I call concise snippets of thought.

JRW Conference 2011

Frenetic forward movement ceases

But rest still eludes at the corners

Mind racing against time

Circles beyond reach

Days within grasp

Who can judge the success

For it is not within numbers

but of resonances and awakenings

inward turnings of mind.

And I have to go — enough stated above about the reason.

Be brave as I have been and post something,

And no, I have no idea why all this is spaced the way it is — one of the items on my to do list to do after the Conference - figure out Scrivener. and Twitter... and.....whatever....

Keep the energy going.

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