Sunday, October 9, 2011

I’m Aliiiive

Well, I was More alive this morning, but that’s better than being mostly dead all day.


[Princess Bride reference for all the wonderful people gathered at the table at Bottoms Up Pizza other night.]

I have finally crawled out from under the mountains of travel research notes, and emails, and all the minute details and notes that I require to keep organized.

Well, I’m mostly out. I managed to get out from under them all and get to the airport and hotel and Conference to greet all the wonderful people that brought the James River Writers Conference to a brilliant and lively success this year.

And it was a Really Great Conference this year!

But with last minute flight cancel today, rush call, even more rushing speaker, my Conference ‘experience’ is not quite over, since I am keeping ‘eye’ on the airline and tracking it. [TripTracker, and FlightsArrivalandDeparture] [Okay, yeah so I might be just a tad compulsive about doing my best job / ability, but, hey, that's way I am.]

Hopefully my last speaker will be home soon. [Stupid planes]

And then I can rest.

But I Promise I will be posting more things to the blog now. I have Great information that I got from some of the speakers at the James River Writer Conference. And they have graciously said I could post the information for you all as well.

In the meantime - hey, the plane’s in the air on it’s second leg, only one more to track, and I’m going to get a cup of tea. [And see if there’s something chocolate around.] — so in the meantime, go to Twitter and check out #JRWC11 There’s Great Writer’s advice all through there! Check it out!

P.S. I blunder around on Twitter (I Really don’t mean to) but I have been directed by the wonderful James River Writers writers there to:

“do you know about Go there and type in #jrwc11 and they'll all pop up.”

Thanks! to the Wonderful --- Ellen F. Brown


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Here's a link to all of the conference tweets:

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Thanks so much!

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