Thursday, February 23, 2012

Critiques, or Not

So, how do you feel about Critiques and Critique partners or Critique groups?

There used to be a lot of controversy about whether they were really needed.

Some writers say absolutely. But then they seem to be in a very successful critique relationship of some kind, whether with partners or a group.

I have heard a Lot of people so damaged by ‘critiques’ that they are reluctant to share their writing efforts and do so very slowly.

I can understand that, I remember a JRW Writing Show a year or so back on the subject of critique groups. I remember the organizer of a successful one she was in telling me in no uncertain terms that a bad critique group was worse than not having one.

I came across this recently talking about Critique group.

Why a Critique Relationship is Crucial for Better Writing

Interesting perspectives about how it’s like finding a husband / mate, you do a lot of searching and a lot of kissing of toads.

Was also interesting, one of them believes you change and grow along the way as a writer so you will do that with critique groups as well.

What do you think?

By the way, critique according to definitions I find is ‘criticize’ but it’s not just bash someone with all the negatives, it’s giving an honest opinion, yes, but it’s about pointing out the things you Did like as well as the things you didn’t.

After all, it’s all just personal opinion, isn’t it? Even when agents are found and books are sold, it’s still about the personal opinion and trying to find others that agree with it enough to buy it.

If you are looking for a critique group to try James River Writers events are a good place to start. There’s usually a listing around of critique groups in the area.

And it just so happens there’s an event tonight, JRW Writing Show. So come see if you can find your Charming critique partners / group.

If too late notice here put March 14th and March 29th on your calendar, it’s the next JRW Writers events. March 14th, Writers Wednesday - JRWs casual get-togethers, and yes, in a bar [Capital Ale - at Innsbrook for March], but a Different kind of bar scene…… well, maybe not so different if you like the analogy of finding a critique group like finding a mate…….

Guess that’s for you to decide. ;)

So what do you think about critique partners / groups? And what has your experience been, good? Or not so good?

And how are you working the critique thing?

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