Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding Your People

I’m not talking about relatives or people you are related to. Or probably not. But it is the South, and those of us raised in or around the South know how those things go. [If you don’t, you’re obviously not from around here. ‘nuff said?]

What I’m really talking about is finding people you can relate to. And as a lot of us know, Especially in the South, that’s not necessarily your relatives.

It’s nice to have someone to talk to. That understands you. And hopefully respects you and your work. [See above South comments]

It’s Especially nice to have all that when you are a writer. Especially a ‘beginning’ writer. Or maybe just a struggling one, no matter how ‘beginning’ you are.

It’s what a writer friend refers to as finding people from the same planet so you don’t feel like such an alien.

And haven’t we all had enough of Those experiences!

Some writers get that understanding from on-line communities and groups.

Luckily in the Richmond, Virginia area, there’s James River Writers. And all the opportunities they offer to meet up with writers, of all kinds and types.

Every month, the second Wednesday of every month, there’s Writers Wednesday, a casual get together where writers can come and feel like a part of the same planet. No matter how alien their writing and characters really are.

That’s the Second Wednesday of the month. Like February 8th is the 2nd Wednesday. Yes, Tonight!

Writers Wednesday is rotating around the Richmond area so all writers have an opportunity to come and meet others that understand. Feb., Mar., April will be at Capital Ale in Innsbrook, you lucky West End people you.

Sign up for the JRW e-letter for updates and notices of all the writerly happenings in the area. And check out the old JRW site for now, but get ready to check out the New one that will be launching the end of February.

Something to look forward to. Just like the JRW Writing Show that is the Third Thursday of the month.

Every month gives you opportunity to meet your alien…, your relatives in the writing world. Just like being on the same planet.

Sometimes a weird writing planet, but at least you know you aren’t alone.

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