Friday, May 23, 2008

Are writers normally socially inept?

I’m a writer, doesn’t that give me a license to be socially challenged? Okay, so not a card-carrying-member excuse, but at least an excuse?

As a writer, I spend inordinate amounts of time locked up in my own head struggling with characters over what they will and will not say, not to mention will/will not do. Makes me wary with real people that I have absolutely no control over. Not that I have control over my characters, come to think of it. Not sure that even killing them off is a real threat to some of them, since think they would come back to haunt me. Oh, not in my own plotting perhaps, but why do I get the feeling they’d find a way to show up in my writing group’s fantasy driven stories? And why am I not surprised much by this. Hmmm, maybe I should go investigate my storehouse of characters and do a line-up now.

Oh, and if you see me out and about please say ‘Hi’ and smile first. Yeah, I know most of you won’t know who I am at all. That’s okay, ‘cause I’m sure most of the people you come across today could use a smile and a ‘Hi’ to brighten their day, even a little. After all, you don’t know what kind of line-ups they’ve been involved with.


Sheri said...

I actually think you're one of the more socially adept people that I know. ;-) People seem to want to talk to you, I've seen it happen. Don't sell yourself short, m'friend.

sgchris said...

You obviously haven't been watching your hubby. ;)
Wildcat has gotten pretty darn social! ;)