Monday, May 19, 2008

Yes, I actually have a Blog

At least it looks like I do. Sortta.

Although it doesn't look anything like the funny, attractive, interesting blogs of my Writing Group. From Bill's, The Wildcat's Lair with his very funny and irreverent 'cat' Frank, and Bill's wife Sheri, with her own Dragon Queen Chronicles, to Katharine with-an-A 's Eat Cookies Be Quiet.

This quiet rendition of a blog has no-where-no-way near the pizzazz of theirs. But as we have all discovered in our time together as a writing group, we all have our own unique style, talent, and writing voice.

Maybe like the books I'm trying to pull into final shape with my writing. Perhaps I can pull this into shape along with my books.

Or maybe I'll just go over to theirs and bug them for awhile. ;-D

1 comment:

Katharine w/an a said...

If they were all the same, they'd be pretty boring! Welcome to the blogosphere!