Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peer pressure an insidious thing.

Peer pressure is an insidious thing, which according to my dictionary, insidious can mean treacherous or seductive. So peer pressure can possibly be a good thing inspiring us to be more, do more, or it can be a bad thing, taking us out of and away from who we really are for reasons that have nothing to do with the real us.
You’d even think peer pressure would peter out at some age in life. That it’s only for the unsure gawky teenager trying to find themselves and where they fit.
But apparently not, given that’s how this blog got started in the first place. Oh, I’d thought about a ‘web presence’ and needing one and all that, at least according to people advising writers about the ‘new’ age of writing and publishing.
I just figured I’d think about all that stuff later. When I had time to really think about it and really witty things to say of course.

Well, I can’t say I have any witty things to say yet but with all my writing group putting such witty things on their blogs and with all the laughing and talking about them, I was feeling decidedly left out. Which is obviously where the seductive insidiousness came in. And why I am sitting here and trying to figure something amusing or ingeniously clever in conception or execution to write. [I had to foray over to the dictionary again to avoid the overuse of ‘witty.’ Too much?]

So since witty words, or even amusing or ingeniously clever ones, aren’t rolling off my fingers right now I figure I should give it up. For now anyway, and wait for the peer pressure to wind its treacherous and seductive way from their blogs. Or brilliant enlightenment. Whichever comes first.

[So what has peer pressure caused you do? Buy something you didn't really need, or maybe even like? Do something others would disapprove of? Or just do things - like start blogs.... come-on' it'll be our secret... ;-)

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Katharine w/an a said...

Thanks to peer pressure, I became a wrangler in Wyoming for a summer. Unfortunately, the ranch hired me and not my peer!