Friday, May 23, 2008

Writers as Readers

I have heard, and I tend to agree, that to be a successful writer you must be an avid reader. Most all the writers I know are readers, especially the accomplished writers.

It’s interesting that writers are such readers. It wouldn’t seem to be just because they are reading to see what their competition is putting out, is it?

Do we read to find others in worse shape than we are, or to find answers to the conflicts we have ourselves? Do we read to find ourselves another world, one richer and more vibrant than our humdrum everyday sameness life? I, for one, would rather read about the excitement of the hero/heroine than be one myself. But perhaps we all are heroes and heroines in our own lives, in some small way, and perhaps to only one or two. But isn’t that what really matters when we come back to our own small little world? The grace and vibrancy that we breathe into everyday life. Isn’t that what defines who we truly are?

Who are you today? What are you reading? Why do you read?

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