Sunday, February 1, 2009

How are you different?

“She made me different.”

Words from John Green’s novel looking for alaska.

“……because now I am irretrievably different….”

The words struck a resonance in me somewhere and I stopped to listen. And think.
Images of people flowed in a stream through my consciousness. Some good, and as with most people, obviously, some not so. But even when people have not been good toward me, perhaps, Eventually anyway, they have been good for me. For good or not, they have irretrievably made me different in some way. If for no other reason than the way I react to them. As my husband has repeatedly been telling me over the years as I am venting or sobbing, I cannot control what others do to me. I can only control my reaction to them. For good or bad. And so they have irretrievably changed me in some way. Whether significant or not, or on either way of what that seems to be, I am changed.

Who has changed you? For good, or not, who has irretrievably made you different?

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