Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maggie says

Uh, no, my name's not Maggie, and you've not wandered into her site by accident.  Although you Should if you are any type of creative person at all - an artist of Any kind, Writer, Painter, etc.....etc....
She's done a great post on keeping on keeping on.  [That sounds so much better in my head than it looks typed out here!]

She talks about artistic endeavors aren't for the faint of heart.  And you must believe in yourself first and always - and eventually someone else will believe in you also.
But even if you don't think you see anyone doing that, don't give up, keep believing in yourself and what you are creating.   You are the only you around to do it.  To say it the way you need to say it, maybe even the way it needs to be said.  To give it the uniqueness of your voice.  No matter what the creative thing is that you do.

Okay so Maggie says it differently.  ;)    That's what I mean about everyone having their own unique voice and ways.  
And you should go and read hers.
Especially her unique interesting way she looked at the rejections.   I like that more positive spin she put on it.

Oh, and here's the link - whatcha waiting for?    And be sure to come back here and tell me what your unique take on it is!

Believe in yourself and your own unique qualities and abilities -- but also share them when you have the chance.

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KathArine said...

Maggie's post totally rocks. Thanks for taking me there. And don't know if you played it, but the "Die Vampire Die" video someone put in comments is awesome, too.