Saturday, May 23, 2009

What energizes your writing?

How do you get energized to write?  Especially a novel?

I seem not to be the only one struggling with that recently.

But I have begun to wonder how much of it was I got so confused by putting the story out for looking at before it was ready, that I lost the voice of the story.

So what do you do to energize you to write?

And to energize your writing.

Are they different?  Or the same thing?

Anybody else have the writing blahs?    So what are you doing to try to get yourself out?

When you feel the dark pit of writing despair dragging at your heels, grasping at your ankles, sliding you toward the sharp edge of the hole where no words live, while your nails scrape at the brittle shapes of scenes and sentences.... what do you do?
How do you get beyond?

Without the added 'pounds' [Both kinds!] of copious amounts of chocolate?

Any ideas?  Help?   Anyone?????

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