Thursday, June 4, 2009

Checking out books and all things bookstore

Shoot. No, don't do it literally! Although I should really know better than to go over and read Maggie's blog before I decide to post something here. She's witty and cute, And she has pictures! I'm picture challenged. I hate having my picture taken. So that's why I have no pictures posted anywhere. Just these weird guy looking icon things everywhere. That is disturbing. Maybe I should take time to do a drawing of self. ;)
Course then it'd mean I'd finally have to take time to upload the thing. Uh, that's another reason there's just disturbing weird guy icons representing me places. On line at least. ;) That I know of!
Sigh. Another thing on the to-do list. I Really am trying to focus on writing! Really! Uh, on my novels, not here. In case there should be some clarification or something.

But the piles of the notes for my various to be completed novels - adult, young adult, children, - I am an equal opportunity writer! [There's even poetry thrown in there.]
The stacks were getting so unruly. And I didn't want them mingling with the James River Writers volunteer notes and getting ideas or notions, so I've spent some time trying to tame the 'paper tiger' that I assume all writers have.

But that's not what this post was going to be about! [And people wonder why I have such a hard time sitting down to actually write!]

I was going to write a nice shout-out to Kelly Justice at Fountain Bookstore.
And to her great staff of course!
I've picked up and read things I never would have read if not for them and their recommendations. [no actual arm twisting is involved I swear! even though I would like to claim such to ease my bookshelf-overload-woes.]

Fountain Books brings books to every James River Writing Show each month. Which I really appreciate. Well, mostly. It is a bit of a challenge to show restraint.
But it is nice to have one-stop-convenience. Writing Show provides authors to listen to, and gain wisdom from, and Fountain Books provides books so can have author sign it right there.
Pretty nifty if you ask me.
And if you happen to see Kelly manning the table behind the books, well, she's got to be one of the coolest gals that ever hangs around writers!!
You should definitely come check her out. ;) As well as the books of course. And James River Writing Show. As well as all things James River Writers in Richmond, Virginia.

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