Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I think as writers that probably applies to all of us. But this reference is for a book I read recently by Erica Kirov.

I thought it a very good book, and I enjoyed it a lot even though it is technically not marketed as an adult book. But that also makes it a quick read too. ;) Always a nice thing when technically you are supposed to be working on writing your own books instead of sneaking off to read someone else's. ;)

I'm not sure I am blog-proficient enough to actually paste in the book picture, like my friend Katharine of Eat Cookies Be Quiet blog fame, so I pasted the link to Erica's site at the bottom so you can go over and see it.
Okay, so yeah that's lame. But hey, see above comment about sneaking off to read. There's only so much sneaking off to do other things that the writing-prod-within will let you take you know.
And in keeping with that prod-within I'm not going to do a whole review thing, again probably like my friend Katharine, E-C-B-Q blog fame does, but maybe she'll do one soon. In meantime I'm sure most of you out there are a Whole lot more proficient at all this stuff than I am anyway, so can search out reviews on your own. I will say Most are very favorable. There are a couple that mentioned there were couple things they didn't like. Which rather prompted my previous blog post. But everybody's different, has different tastes, expectations, and I liked this book, and am glad I bought it and had it signed, and have it available to read again. And that's saying a Lot given the state of my bookshelves and the constant sighing of husband that wants me to sort thro' the books burdening all those shelves and read and release ones that aren't worth keeping and rereading.

I can see people likening this book to the likes of Harry Potter. But there are enough differences for this first book in the series to stand on its own. I think those that miss Harry and his friends and adventures can find some new friends here, and new exciting adventures. I'm looking forward to their next adventure!!

And really, come to think of it, it is an even bigger statement about this book that even though couple people found couple things they didn't like about it, they were going to eagerly await the next book in the series!
So obviously they liked it better than maybe what their review really reflected.

And with books, or everything really I guess, as I mentioned in previous post, we each bring to every book, whether writing or reading, who and what we are.
To the Magickeepers in all of us! Go Erica!!!

Book I: The Eternal Hourglass

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