Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Books, Readers and Writers

It is interesting how as writers we all have a unique view, a unique voice, but it really came to me recently how different we all are as readers also. I mean, I Know that not Everybody likes the same books I do, and vice versa believe me! But it is really interesting the different things people pick out of books to notice, or even fixate on, that sometimes leaves me going, Huh? I can see, sometimes anyway, some of what people are saying but sometimes it leaves me going huh? Did you even read the same book I did? And then it came to me, as we bring who we are to ourselves and where we've come from to our writing voice, people do the same thing when they read. They read through the filter of the life they've had, the life they live, their life experiences. And sometimes from places of envy or jealousy that they don't even acknowledge to themselves.

And another interesting thing I've realized recently that what people say doesn't really say anything about the object they are talking about, book for example, but it says volumes about who and what the person is saying about themselves.
Hmmmm, so maybe I should be quiet and go off and read now. ;) ;)

So what kind of reader are you?

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