Friday, June 19, 2009

Lacking Confidence?

Anyone lacking confidence out there? Put your hand up.

About your writing, about your weight, about your life, about Anything. Anyone? Put them up a little higher please. Yes, that's it. A little higher.

Just recognizing you have the problem can help you work on it and change it. Right? If you believe it can, you can. I know sounds a lot easier when someone else says it. And when someone else says it better -- Darn it!!! AND more memorable / humorous! Double Darn it!!!

So go over and read the complete thought provoking, humor involved, post that Maggie has on it - you'll be Really glad you did. Especially if you read the comments too. Her post touched a Lot of strings that people responded to.

And I thought this was a great thing to think on that she put in her post. Since I know it applies to when people Don't believe in you and don't believe / expect you to amount to much - It's so Great when you show them wrong. It's even better when you show yourself.

.....because you will always rise to the meet the expectations of the people around you .....

Go over and read it in the whole context of Maggie's post now -

You'll be so glad you did. Really. Truly. Like this is finished so go over there now and read it. And feel free to come back here and post about it of course. ;)

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