Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Visiting La-La Land????

With allergy season flat out pollenating us to-all-get-out, as southerners would say, icky cars, icky sinuses, I'm getting annoyed at a lot of things.  And a lot quicker.

I'm annoyed at Word because it does weird formatting things to my writing.  Sometimes as I am writing!    It is Soooo different from 'old' Word.  I liked 'old' Word.  Well, best I recall.  Since as my mother used to say, and my writing group often hears, when not remembering something, "I've slept since then."     Although that annoys me these days too, with all the pollen and all that goes along with it, I'm not getting the sleep/rest that helps me not to be tired and annoyed by everything.

I get annoyed at Vista.  To be fair there are Some things I like about it, but not sure on the whole they out-do the annoyances, at times anyway.

Like being able to put a computer to sleep rather than just shutting it down.  Nice at times, at times too much like a hyperactive child that just won’t stay asleep.  Annoying to put it to sleep and having barely reached the couch to relax, or worse, settled upon said restful furniture piece in exhaustive disarray, and you hear the pesky 'footsteps' of said ‘child’ awake again.

This time after checking traffic and heading downstairs ready to head out the door I heard the whoosh up.  In annoyed parent mode I traipsed upstairs ready to wrestle it to bed, or just shut the durn thing down.  But it was oblivious to all my attempts to have control over it, just sitting there with its blue light glaring at me while resisting any efforts to bring it to the screen where I could wrest the reigns again.  And assert my control - like any ineffective parent knows about.

With time ticking away, as well as my patience, and not having time to dredge up my past computer background, I broke down and called my computer engineer husband.  Unsurprised, he told me, yeah, it goes to la-la land sometimes.

I realized as I was driving to my appointment I was in resentful mode.  I was resenting the computer.  How dare it go to la-la land when I was stuck in reality-land.  I haven’t even been to never-land, let alone la-la land.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  But I still resent my computer going there.

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