Saturday, April 18, 2009

Become Your Life's Dream

Okay so I can be a romantic sap sometimes.  Not often perhaps, or often enough, being that I'm, ah, :::cough, cough::: older than, well, let's just say I'm not a teenager anymore though I sure seem to be spending an inordinateamount of time with teenage characters!  But I'm definitely not the dewy-eyed ingenue I once was. ;)   Not sure I'd refer to myself as a cynic, even though others not so lovingly minded might. ^ ^
But I am crazy about the Susan Boyle video clip.  And if you don't get that reference, scroll down the blog a couple of entries.  And then go check it out for yourself!  Seriously!  The 7 minute clip.  It's fantastic, heartwarming, and inspiring.   Altho' I have to admit while the music she sings to is Fabulous, as is her voice of course, but the lyrics..... yes, I think it probably fit where she was in her life but they are rather downers.   So with all due respect to the writers of Les Mis.'ve decided to change the line that is continually roaming around in my head.  I don't want my life killing my dreams, thank you very much, I've had enough of that.  So along with positive thoughts, and dreams, etc...I decided my lyrics to roam in my head is going to be - my life's become the dream I dreamed.

Of course it hasn't really, yet anyway.   But I'm preparing.  ;-D    Along with the now successful dreamer Susan Boyle.
Here's to all successful dreamers.  I'll be meeting you soon. ;)

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