Thursday, April 16, 2009

She stunned and took the breath away of the world

By now most everyone that has watched a bit of tv, and with any kind of computer savvy and/or curiosity has heard of the 'unassuming' looking, unmarried [she says never even been kissed] unemployed 47-year-old Scottish woman that stunned not only Britain's Idol equiv. audience, but also Simon Cowell, and now the world, with her dream.

If you've not checked out her performance yet, do!  It's a stunner.
Not to mention worth it to see Simon's face. ;)

You can easily find it by googling Susan Boyle.

I'm stunned every time I watch it.  Watching someone's dreams walk across the stage in human form.  
You could see the looks on Everyone's faces of what they thought of her based on her appearance.
Then she opened her mouth and began to sing and took away everyone's breath.  
The judges, the audience, and all the people there.
And now thanks to the internet, everyone across the world.
Including mine.
Tearing up and having to wipe my eyes not only for the dreams being sung out in front of me but for the dreams living inside everyone.  And the witnessing of hope realized.  For someone somewhere.  And eventually for all of us.
Here's to dreams realized for us all.

Now I'm off to work on some dreams of my own - inspired by a 47-year-old, unemployed, unmarried, 'unassuming' looking woman a world away.
 How 'bout you?

So what dreams are you not giving up on?

And what are you willing to work on and take a chance on?
Like a woman named Susan Boyle did.

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Shelli said...

brilliant minds think alike :) thanks for stopping by my blog!