Friday, April 24, 2009


Criminy, I've gotten pressured into having a Facebook ...thingy...
 Well, at least I resisted longer than my husband, Mike, did!
Someone that Hates - HATES - to see pictures of herself - is on somewhere called Face book.
Okay so I like the book part, I Like books.   Altho' I'm not sure I should admit it, but much like Wildcat's and the Dragon Queen's crazy dragon Waffles [yes that's the name!] that goes around saying Waffles all the time, I most likely go around at least Thinking Books!
But the Face part - I don't want to see my face out there!   But I might have to do that also! { hey, was that a shriek? ! }   I know, I know, I Really Really don't want to - but then again have you seen that blank icon thingy?  It's worse than this one here!   Really, it's true!  At least here it sort of looks non-descript, could be male or female?  But the Facebook one looks like a guy!  I'm serious!
And a creepy sort of blank guy at that!  Or is that just me?     Sigh.    First I succumb to pressure to have a blog, then another blog, now a Facebook.  What's next - Twitter? 
I better go attend to the mountains of laundry before that happens!

Great Now I have Facebook Trauma!!!!     

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