Monday, April 27, 2009

Recommend book

Okay, so I know Everyone has different tastes in clothes, music, and books.
I'm no different. ;)

Being a reader and a writer I read a Lot of books, and I am writing, well, let's just say the file is pretty big and leave it at that, shall we.  
I also have a Lot of books in various stages of completion, both as a reader and a writer.    Hey, at least as a writer I'll wait until I can fix a sucky ending!

But if any of you have read this blog much, I don't often recommend books.  Mainly because I realize people are so different in their tastes.
But I have mentioned some of the books I've read that something about them touched me in some way and caused me to think.
Different than the books I'll just pick up to have a quick lark with.
And different than ones that I would take a chance on recommending.   Like Melina Marchetta's books 'Saving Francesca.' 
And now a local Richmond, Virginia writer, Gigi Amateau.  Her book 'Claiming Georgia Tate' is good, disturbing at some points, but good.  Has great characters.  
But her book 'Chancey of the Maury River" is a book to definitely pick up and read.  
And I'm sure Gigi would appreciate if you bought them of course, but I say you should definitely pick up and read 'Chancey' - it is definitely a 'chancy' book in more ways than one but I think Gigi pulls it off great.  And her writing is almost lyrical at times in it.

Gigi has become a great asset to the James River Writers here in Richmond.
I hadn't really talked to her, or read her books before....always thought of her as rather unassuming, quiet-like.  But she's rather a dynamo - but sort of a quiet seeming one. ;)
  And her books are like that.  I've not seen a lot of talk about them but they sort of quietly weave their way around your thoughts after you read them.  And they sort of keep themselves known there.  It's a bit hard to put into words, even for a writer!  But do check out her books, both of them, but especially 'Chancey' - I think you'll be glad you did.   And after it's woven it's way around your thoughts, come back and share.
You'll be glad you did. ;-D

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