Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Book if you slap the main character?

Just wondering.

Is it a Good Book if you just really want to haul off and slap the main character?

I've read a couple like that recently.  No, I'm Not going to tell you!
[Makes it too awkward if you happen to run into them in person.  Which with the great writers the James River Writers Conferences pull in.....
So Nope, No Can Do!

But what do you think - can you deem a book a Good Book if you sort of like it but want to slap someone in it?  Like the main character?        And more than once?

I mean the book did have some interesting points.  Course it did have some convolutions that gave me a headache too.    And that wasn't even including the slap-worthy-main character. [Just her family relations.]

Okay, so tell me, what was the last book you read that made you want to slap a character?

Come on, you can tell me.


KathArine said...

Usually, it's not a good book if you want to slap the main character. And if you're not telling, why should I? (one word:Bella!)

sgchris said...

Aw now, at least she was just a teenager! ;)

And the book I was particularly thinking of it was adult character. But it did have some other interesting characters and plot points to keep it out of 'dreadful stack.'