Saturday, October 17, 2009

Berry Good

Okay so it should be Very good not Berry good but I just couldn't resist the title. ;)

Had a chance to hear Katherine Neville's interview of Steve Berry yesterday, and it was Terrific!
Thank you Library of Virginia!

Both authors are terrific in their own right - Katherine was at the recent James River Writers Conference and Steve Berry was at a James River Writers Writing Show several years ago.

Both writers are incredibly sharing of their writing experiences and advice, as well as being talented and successful writers.

This household has been big fans of Steve's from way back. We are working on a collection of all of his books. Somehow my husband manages to get them as I bring them home and sort of keeps them for himself. ;) So I think I've actually only managed to read a couple of them so far - I snatched them....uh, hid, I mean I just managed to somehow have time to read them first. ;)

But even though my husband has been a fan of Steve's books for quite some time, yesterday was the first time he's been able to meet him. And he was Impressed!
And my husband is not all that easily impressed. Believe me, I know. ;)

Steve also was able to articulate thoughts about writing that really applied to my writing style that I'd not thought of in quite the same words.
And really helped my husband to understand my writing life, and frustrations, better I think.

And Steve's wife Elizabeth is not only lovely to look at but she is also as helpful to newbie writers as Steve is.
She had some wonderful things to share as my husband and I talked with her.
Not to mention some recent pictures of Steve and his friend and best selling author James Rollins [another favorite author of my husband] in chainmail armor whacking each other. Thanks Elizabeth! ;)

So if you get a chance to hear Steve Berry talk do Not miss the opportunity! Nor pass up the opportunity to talk with his lovely wife.

Believe me, the time will pass Much too quickly!!

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