Sunday, October 4, 2009

Writing Group Views

It’s amazing how many writers there are in Virginia. Even just in Richmond and the surrounding areas. And we all have different voices and different views on how to write, and different writing styles. Yet we all are writers. Not all of us are published yet but that’s not what defines a writer. Or shouldn’t be.

Even on the JRW Writing Show, the one recently about Writing Groups. Is interesting seeing the different views on having or being in a writing group. Interesting just seeing the different things people took away from the evening. As shown by this sampling of different writings on and about the Writing Show

So, what are your views on a Writing Group?

Are you in one now? Looking for one?

Did you come to the Writing Show? What did you take away from it?


Curious Writer said...

Not all of us are published YET, indeed. Notice 'yet' is the word to emphasize in highlighter, blinking lights, and perhaps 3-D effects.

I sadly missed the past Writing Show. I was actually at another book discussion across town. I love our literary city!

As for writing groups, I've had them and loved them, walking away inspired and a better writer; and I've also had them, feeling like nothing was accomplished and my precious writing and editing time was wasted.

The key to writing groups, in my opinion, are strong editors, those unafraid to disect words and phrases, but always doing so with the love of writing and the desire to see the manuscript's owner better themselves and achieve their goals.

Finding a writing group or even just reliable editors like this can be precious.

Happy scribbling!

sgchris said...

Yet indeed. I agree.

Being published is only a slight validation I think.

Can't deny that's part of it, since we are all probably working toward that goal. ;)

But we can't let that be the end all/end all for our writing, can we?

And that is the great thing about this community of James River Writers, all the opportunities for discussing books and writing! Yay!

Thanks for posting. Hmmm, brings up a post I might have to do about the varying opinions I've seen recently on writing groups and how they critique, or even if that is their role even.
Interesting all the different opinions. On writing groups. On writing!