Sunday, July 5, 2009

All Things to make you Shiver

Okay now that you've oohed and aahed at all the pretty fireworks, and your ears have recovered from the booms, here's something to tickle your sight and sound.

Creative pictures and lovely music all via the obviously got-most all-our-talents Maggie Stiefvater ;) -- who not only cut out and filmed all this, and also wrote, arranged and played all the music to it, she also wrote the great book that this is heralding!!! Yeah, no great intimidation factor here to a singularly talented writer just sitting here trying to write, is there? But Maggie is also incredibly generous with sharing her knowledge and insight to other writers so it's really hard to not be totally happy for her. Especially when she genuinely seems to want them to succeed just as much as her.
Okay I admit you might want to play this a couple of times. or more, we did - okay so I played it a few times and had to play it couple of times for my husband. Uhm, I was wailing a bit too much through the first run through for him to hear it properly. My wails of 'do you see what I have to compete with!? How can I compete with this?!!' sort of made it difficult. Evidently. He calmly looked at me and said 'it is a challenge.' Or words to that effect. I think. Wailing was still echoing around in my head, but that's probably close to what he said. So obviously I need to task him to help me and he's going to want to help me. :::semi-evil grin:::: Isn't he. I mean if Maggie can be so helpful to people with all her talent-ness then that means a husband should be willing to help his uh, maybe not quite as multi-talented as Maggie, wife with her writing-ness. Right?

Anyway. Maggie's great. Do come hear her at the James River Writers Conference in October. Where you'll be able to pick up her book Shiver. Which this trailer is about. Maggie is also a great writer, so her book will make you laugh, shed a tear or two, and maybe even make you Shiver. And that's not a bad thing in Virginia heat is it?!!!
In the meantime while you're waiting, make do with her wonderful trailer that her oh so talented hands created here -

Well Shoot - just copy and paste isn't working with it !!! Shows here but not when it's posted--- Rats!!!

Okay so here's the link to Maggie's page where you can see it - until I can figure out how to do this thing! grrrr

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