Thursday, July 9, 2009

Artistic Minds at Work!

No, I didn't say autistic, artistic, artistic! And I'm not really referring to mine anyway - Of Course it's Maggie's again!!! Is there Someone Else you know that is that freaking talented!!!??? And Multi Talented!!!! I mean Really! It''s.... uh, challenging - or intimidating - to a writer that's still looking around for the bushel baskets let alone for the talent that might be hiding under them!!

Anyway, 'Mugnificant' Maggie, shows how she did that amazing trailer for her new book coming out. The work she put in on it!!! .... well, you find yourself being Really Impressed. And a little scared. ;-D Just kidding Maggie!!! But What an undertaking! And no, don't any of you be expecting any of that from me any time soon. or ever.
But here's the link to see the great trailer she did, if you haven’t seen it yet, and the background of how she did it. Including the Really great music she wrote, arranged and played for it!!! I Know! Sheesh!!!! ;) ;)

And in Other news, not exactly related to anything Maggie – although I did see the cool chick Kelly Justice owner of Fountain Books tonight….and we did chat about Maggie’s book launch that’s going to be at Fountain Books just a couple days after the James River Writers Conference in October [where don’t forget Maggie’s going to be also!!]

There was a Lot of new people there tonight at Writers Wednesday! Denise is doing Such a good job with keeping Writers Wednesday ‘open’ for the summer! She’s also doing such a good job of remembering everybody’s names!! ;)

Some of the people I was talking to was saying how great it was to be able to mingle and talk to a bunch of writers.

How ‘regular’ people just don’t understand it when we talk about how much characters can sass and give lip about changes we want to make, and resist it all the way. Until we give up and give in to them and what They want. ;) Or how sometimes how just chatting with a character in your story can be very enlightening.

Yes, most writers have learned to not speak of such things to other ‘non’ writer people. Most are scared enough of our mutterings to ourselves trying to get our dialog right. And I won’t even go into the reactions of trying out weapon trajectories and things of that sort!

So it is with thankful heart all the writers in the Richmond area have turned to James River Writers and its great assortment of writers, both published and struggling to get published. And for being able to come to a place where you don’t have to worry about people scurrying away from you in alarm. Well, mostly anyway. ;)

So the next 2nd Wednesday of Every month come join us! And check out JRW for other events we turn up for also. ;)

And if you were one of the new writers at Writers Wednesday tonight and have stumbled across this – Ya’ll come back now, ya hear !!!!

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