Friday, July 3, 2009

Making Friends and Finding Writing Partners

James River Writers has great people that are a part of it. Good writers, good people. And ones that are so willing to share information.

Maggie Stiefvater did a post awhile ago about how she found her great critique partners and suggestions of how others could also.

Denise, , that has so wonderfully picked up James River Writers casual gettogether Writers Wednesday, has also posted a wonderful entry on how to find friends and writing partners. That's the link to go check out what she has to say on it. She has some terrific suggestions.

And I have one also - come meet and talk to Denise at one of the casual writers mingling at Writers Wednesday each month. Of course all the other writers there that month I'm sure would appreciate you talking to them also. ;)

There are always 'find a writing group sign up sheets' around somewhere at each Writing Show each month also. And always at the James River Writers Conference in October.

Oh, and you know, uhm, writers are a bunch of people that spend Lots of time alone in their heads. Well, not Exactly alone, since there's usually a whole bunch of characters roaming around, doing lord knows what all! But all this alone in head time can make writers, well, a teensy bit, uhm, socially challenged.
But we're all pretty nice people so just be sure to ask politely about the 'find writing group sign up sheet' .... Just tell them Denise sent them. ;) Right Denise?

Here's the link to start with for all things James River Writers -

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