Friday, July 10, 2009

Learn All Kinds of Things at Writers Wednesday

For those of you that haven’t made it out to JRWs Writers Wednesday, you’ve been missing a Lot of things!

Interesting atmosphere, snacks, interesting people, so naturally interesting talk and chat going on.

Like I first heard of the hot young graphic novelist Dash Shaw from someone that happened to come to a Writers Wednesday. Thank you Mary! I relayed the info’ on to the Conference organizers and now we’re having talented Dash at the James River Writers Conference in October.

Altho’ Maggie Stiefvater wasn’t at a Writers Wed. she was at a Writing Show the end of last year and was Soo Terrific, and is growing even More Terrific, that I’m So glad we’ve got her booked already for the Conference in October!

And as I mentioned in last entry, Maggie has a book launch right after the Conference at Fountain Books here in Richmond, for her new book, “Ballad” which will take more adventures from her great first book “Lament” that came out last year.

This is not to be confused with the Newest book she has coming out in couple weeks, “Shiver” that is getting all the buzz now!!! And if this is all new to you just read a few entries of my blog and then go over to Maggie’s blog – I’ve got more than enough links sprinkled throughout, for heaven’s sake. Altho’ why I’m sending people over to look at her great blog….when mine is…well, mine. :::shakes head::: I just don’t know. I j-d-k.

Anyway, you meet wonderfully great and interesting people at JRW functions and events! Even just casual get togethers like Writers Wednesday.

Like one such person there Wednesday was the local NANO ‘cheerer-on’ coordinator, Jean Anderson. Who is also trying to round up host families for exchange students – so if you know of anyone that might be interested, contact Jean! Okay?

Please consider hosting a student from another country, to learn about a new culture, learn about a new language, and best of all, make a new friend. And pass on this information to your friends and family!

Have a great day!

Jean Anderson

CIEE Local Coordinator


And come to the next Writers Wednesday or JRW event and function and meet all the wonderful people we get to meet and talk to.

Including all the wonderful writers around Richmond, including ones with books out now that you can meet at a book signing event near you – so check their websites too.

Like JRW Board Member Gigi Amateau has a new book out.

And her book, “Chancey of the Maury River” I’ve mentioned here as a not to be missed book! So that means, like, Don't miss it!

We met Erica Orloff at a Writing Show – with her new book that shouldn’t be missed “The Magickeepers”

And JRW Board Member, antique appraiser, lovely lady, with Many books published! – Emyl Jenkins. With her newest book of fiction, “The Big Steal” –

And who’s going to be at Barboursville Vineyards, in Barboursville, this coming Saturday, July 11, 1:00 pm

And will also be at the Library of Virginia here in Richmond, Tuesday, July 14, 6:00 pm

So come meet and chat with great interesting writers, published, and those of us still struggling to get published, and at all points in between.

Hope to see you around!

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